New Water Cooling Systems Product Ranges

Here at Carter Environmental we offer a fantastically diverse range of energy efficient, environmentally friendly water-cooling solutions. We take a great amount of pride in providing a bespoke service from start to finish.

Our product ranges have been expertly designed to meet the needs and requirements of the modern world, both in commercial and industrial applications.  All of our cooling solution products fully comply with the current legislation and you can be safe in the knowledge that our systems are designed to the most up to date codes of practice.

Forced Draught Cooling Tower, Centrifugal Fan


Carter Balmoral cooling tower is of the forced draught counterflow design incorporating belt driven, centrifugal fans located on the side of the tower at low level.

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Induced Draught Cooling Tower


The Carter Buckingham Cooling Tower, is of the induced draught counterflow design, incorporating direct drive duct axial fans located on the top of the tower.

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Services & Spares

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