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7.Carter Range Of Adiabatic Water Coolers

The Adiabatic Water Coolers

Cabero Adiabatic Technology

Adiabatic subcooling system for cooling media, NH3 and refrigants

Carter adiabatic coolers do not create an aerosol or wet the surface of the coil. Adiabatic cooling is achieved by mains water distributed over an evaporative cooling media through which the incoming air passes through. The cooled dry air then passes onto the coil for cooling. This method in turn prolongs the coil life by reducing coil fouling and reduces the need for expensive mains water treatment.

Units are available in one to four fans as single coolers as standard.

Optional extras include attenuation package, stainless steel casing, winter coil heater package, skid mounted cooler and pump sets.

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  • No risk of Legionella
  • No Aerosols
  • Coil surface remains dry and clean
  • No fouling of coils, prolonging coil life and maintains thermal efficiency
  • No need for filters, pre-filters, UV lamps and their regular maintenance
  • Virtually no water treatment
  • Easy to maintain
  • No water samples required
  • Low plant operating costs
  • Low water consumption
  • Low power consumption
  • Not subject to complex regulations
  • No form filling
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  • Hybrid_cooler_with_carter_cabero
  • Hybrids

Forced draught twin cell cooling tower with optional access platforms

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