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2.Induced Draught Cooling Tower

Induced Draught Cooling Tower


The Carter Buckingham Cooling Tower, is of the induced draught counterflow design, incorporating direct drive duct axial fans located on the top of the tower.

The range covers water flow rates from 6m³/hr to 600m³/hr in the form of single or multi cell arrangements. The Buckingham towers are supplied with the following standard features:



  • Multi-sloping "ERS" base tank with bottom located drain
  • Large, hinged pack access door
  • Non-aerosol forming, trough and weir water distribution system (self draining)
  • High efficiency heat transfer packing
  • Ultra High efficiency, interlocking drift eliminators
  • Removable plenum access door
  • Buckingham
  • Aec_tower_new

Forced draught twin cell cooling tower with optional access platforms

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