Carter Environmental Engineers Air Monitoring

Occupational Hygiene

At CEE we understand the importance of providing a safe environment for your workforce. We are very pleased to be able to offer a wide range of occupational hygiene services to help you ensure that you are meeting all the necessary requirements and provide the support, information and solutions you made need to meet them.

Carter Occupational Hygiene can provide LEV testing, workplace air monitoring, workplace noise assessments, indoor air quality testing and LEV servicing. In addition, Carter have recently invested in "Flow>>Check" - a brand new air flow indication system to provide your workforce with the confidence and reassurance that they are working in safety.

LEV Testing

LEV testing ensures your workplace is as safe as it can be and the risk of dust, fumes and vapours affecting your employees is decreased.

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Workplace Noise Assessments

Workplace noise assessments ensure your employees are not at risk of noise pollution.

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Indoor Air Quality

Monitoring the indoor air quality will identify the areas where you can improve your working environment.

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LEV Servicing

LEV servicing is vital in ensuring your system is working to its optimum.

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