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Occupational Hygiene - LEV Servicing

As an employer, it is your duty to look after and maintain the quality of the LEV system. Failure to look after your LEV system could result in failure of the equipment working, resulting in a risk to your employees’ health. Another factor of not maintaining the system means hazards will start to build up as the equipment could become overloaded with different dusts and fumes, again putting your employees at risk of harmful substances.

However, the maintenance of your system all depends on how complex your system is, the chances of it failing and the severity of the problem if it does fail. Some systems will be more complicated than others. If your LEV system needs servicing, get in contact with us today.

Servicing of your LEV system contains four different factors:

  • Parts that may wear from moving, such as filter shakers and fan bearings.
  • Parts that may wear from non-moving, such as hoods, ductwork and seals.
  • Parts that may deteriorate from use, such as filters or flexible ducting.
  • Parts that need regular attention, such as filters that would need replacing.
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