"The customer is absolutely delighted with the systems, they are working very very well. There are 4 operators using the full length of the benches, the dust extraction is excellent and the health and safety team are happy to use ourselves and Carter for all future projects of this type. David, thanks for your patience on this project, it only 9 months from the first quote to order!!. "
Ciaran Wilkinson, Commercial Director, Levair Solutions

"In early 2015, Collis Engineering Ltd. identified that after relocating our fettling booth, we needed to provide a suitable and sufficient extraction system. We contacted CEE and after considering alternative solutions, decided that the Wet Collector system would be the best solution. Throughout the process, CEE gave a professional service starting with the site survey, quotation and then answering any concerns through to final installation and commissioning. We believe we have a quality, value for money solution and would be happy to recommend CEE to other businesses. "
Collis Engineering

"During routine proactive HS & E monitoring, it was reported that we had a dust issue during a fettling process when assembling signal post components. As stated in COSHH, first of all consider engineering controls, we contacted Carter Environmental Engineers who were in the process of developing their ‘Carter Filter Station’ which we duly procured. This has since provided the perfect solution to the problem we encountered. The whole process from enquiry to delivery went without a hitch."
Richard Whitehead, Assurance Director, Collis Engineering