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Filter Station Drawing

The Carter Filter Station

Mobile Dust Unit

The Carter Filter Station provides a mobile way of extracting dust and fumes.

The Filter Station is the perfect solution to protect company employees and maintain good health. The station is designed to extract different types of dust/fumes by using a range of panel filter elements.

Richard Whitehead, Assurance Director, Collis Engineering:

"During routine proactive HS & E monitoring, it was reported that we had a dust issue during a fettling process when assembling signal post components. As stated in COSHH, first of all consider engineering controls, we contacted Carter Environmental Engineers who were in the process of developing their ‘Carter Filter Station’ which we duly procured. This has since provided the perfect solution to the problem we encountered. The whole process from enquiry to delivery went without a hitch."


  • Pressure gauge indicates when filter panels need changing/cleaning. The unit allows for simple and quick removal of the panel filter elements.
  • Built in speed controller allows the option of being able to alter the fan speed to suit a variety of work.
  • Lockable castors allow easy manoeuvring and positioning of the Filter Station in the workplace.
  • The working surface area of the unit has a maximum load of 150kg UDL.
  • Powered by a 590 watts' motor, running on a 230v domestic supply.
  • Available in different colours.

Models in this Range

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  • Bench_left_angle_with_airflow_edited
  • Front_view_blue

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