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Carter Dry Dust Filter Range

The Carter Dry Dust Filter Range

Dry Dust Filters

The Carter range of Dry Dust Filters offer complete filtration solutions with various fabric and coating options to suit a wide range of applications.

Carter offers a range of Dry Dust Filters including:

  • Bag Filters (RT Range)

  • Cartridge Filters (CF Range)

  • Shaker Filters

The filters are of modular construction to provide a wide arrangement of filter footprints to suit limited space constraints. The standard range includes Bag, Cartridge and Pleated Filter Bag media design.



  • Fabrics – A wide range of standard fabrics are available
  • Filter Coatings – Various coatings, membranes and treatments can be applied to the filter media
  • Various Cleaning Mechanisms options available
  • Various Dust removal options available
  • Cf_cartridge_filter
  • Cf100_cartridge_filter
  • Rt_reverse_jet_bag_filter_%28use_as_illustration_for_dry_filter_section%29
  • Rt_bag_filter

Forced draught twin cell cooling tower with optional access platforms

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