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Carter Auto Sludge Range

The Carter Auto Sludge Range

Wet Collector

The Carter Auto Sludge Range of wet collectors is able to handle the highest of air volumes effectively.


A self-induce spray system provides a scrubbing action that is up to 99% efficient. When accompanied by our purpose built Auto-Drag Out system the Carter Premium Efficiency Range offer a very competitive solution to your extraction requirements

Manufactured from heavy duty gauge sheet to provide extended lifetime and durability

Able to handle air volumes of 17,000 m3/hr to 100,000 m3/hr


  • Self-induced spray wet collector ranging from 2.7m³/s to 28m³/s
  • Efficiency levels up to 99%
  • Suitable for hazardous application
  • Manufactured from heavy gauge sheets for extended durability
  • Includes automatic sludge removal

Models in this Range

  • AS170
  • AS240
  • AS300
  • AS400
  • AS480
  • AS540
  • AS600
  • AS820
  • Autosludge_unit_with_sludge_removal_bin

Forced draught twin cell cooling tower with optional access platforms

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