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Jul 2017


Cabero—leading in refrigeration technology, air-conditioning technology, power plant cooling and industrial cooling have teamed up with Carter Environmental Engineers Ltd (CEE) the leading manufacturing company in the UK to offer bespoke solutions in engineering and service with specialist, coordinated teams at their site in Birmingham, West Midlands.

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Your requirements are our mission: As a leading producer in heat exchangers for refrigeration and air-conditioning technology our industry experts offer innovative solutions.

Our experienced engineers do not follow just short-lived trends, but it is declared objective to perfectly support your intentions with state-of-art technology.

Services and sales near YOU: Our well attuned organisation designs, plans and realises customised  solutions from the specialised design team with sales offices in 22 national and international locations.

Do you check your equipment temperature regularly?

Having worked with major data centres on their projects including MTU Onsite Energy pictured below, at Rolls Royce site showing the Onsite Energy supplies of a total of 23 diesel emergency power units with a total of 57 megawatts. Other  projects include:


· Air-conditioning technology - Trainingszentrum Rote Bullen, Germany 2005

Two dry heat exchangers each with 425kw cooling output.

· Automotive field - BMW Group, Munich factory, Germany 2002

Environmentally friendly system has to be cooled with equally high efficiency.


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